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Keep data safe and secure with The Professional Alternative’s online GDPR training

Data. It’s a bit like oxygen: we can’t see or smell it, yet life is impossible without it – these days, at least. Little wonder, then, that the prospect of someone stealing our personal data is so terrifying.

When clients provide personal information to your firm, they’re trusting you to keep it safe, to guarantee that it’s not lost or compromised, and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. And that’s exactly what the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to ensure.

Essential for anyone who handles client data, online GDPR training from The Professional Alternative will give you a better understanding of the regulation and how it applies in practice, as well as helping you keep your business compliant.

Online GDPR training with extra va va voom

Okay, it’s unlikely that anyone leapt out of bed this morning thinking: “What my life needs is a little extra GDPR knowhow.” But if you are expecting a course that’s drier than the Sahara then you will be pleasantly surprised.

We don’t do dull, and our online GDPR training modules – like every one of our eLearning courses – will embed essential knowledge by providing the facts in a user-friendly manner. Each takes significantly less time to complete than a Starbucks coffee run, and there are short animations and interactive features to ensure that everything you learn isn’t instantly forgotten. We’ll even bookmark your place so you can come back to it later.

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Good news for clients, good news for you

We are all so used to handing over information that we barely give it a second thought. Until, that is, a breach occurs. If no news is good news then hitting the headlines for a data breach is the worst news possible. Hefty fines are just one branch of a very big stick that also includes reputational damage and a critical loss of client trust – something no professional services firm can afford.

So how best to safeguard your business and reduce the risks? Like an all-over Kevlar body suit, our online GDPR training offers next-level protection against data breaches. It will arm your people with the knowledge and understanding they need to put the requirements of the regulation into practice. And if the worst does happen? They’ll know exactly how to minimise the damage.

From storage to Subject Access Requests – what the training covers

Written by experts, The Professional Alternative’s online GDPR training course is suitable for anyone involved in the collection and handling of client data, at any level. It will guide you through the basics of the UK GDPR: how it works, what it is designed to do and the key terms, before taking a more in-depth look at different elements of the regulation and how they might affect real-life scenarios.

Here’s what you can expect from each module:

  • Module 1 offers an overview of the regulation
  • Module 2 covers the role of the Data Protection Officer and dealing with requests for information from data subjects
  • Module 3 examines the rules around data collection and use
  • Module 4 demystifies data storage
  • Module 5 deals with data security, preventing breaches and what to do if one happens
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Get started with our online GDPR training

Time to arm yourself with knowledge and beef up your data defences? No problem – we’re ready when you are.

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