Online CPD training made fun, for accountancy and law

The regulators tell you that you need to complete your CPD training every year. But they don’t say that it has to be boring.

So, if you’re looking for personal development and compliance for law or accountancy, why not liven things up a little.

Dull training may tick the CPD box, but that’s not what we do. We make online CPD training engaging, memorable and entertaining for the whole firm. Choose The Professional Alternative for professional learning made fun.

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll smash your CPD targets

The words ‘fun’ and ‘regulatory compliance’ rarely appear together in the same sentence. But with us, they do. All our online CPD training is fun. It’s also engaging and memorable – and all of it is fully approved by the SRA, the ICAEW and the ACCA. We don’t believe that CPD should be a chore; with us, you’ll sail past your CPD targets without breaking a sweat (although you may find yourself smiling quite a lot, and you’ll definitely be humming a tune or two as you go).

Easy, on-demand self-service access

We are the Netflix of online learning platforms. If you know how to find a movie on Netflix you’ll be able to find your way around our site. Scroll through the gorgeous graphics and smile at the hover text as you browse the home page. Or cut to the chase and use our high-speed search function to target the precise learning you’re after. Spoiler alert: our content is as bingeworthy as it gets.

Your organisation’s learning needs in one place, with measurable usage across the firm

No need for multiple systems that don’t talk to each other: our online CPD training is all in one place. We track everything for you, too. Want to upload your firm’s proprietary content? No problem – we’ll track that as well! We take care of all your learning and development needs, and provide you with all the progress reports that will keep the regulators from your door.
Keeping tabs on the ROI for learning is always tricky, but we’re one step ahead of you. We make it super simple to track and record every employee’s CPD and compliance training. So the next time the finance manager wants proof that investing in our online CPD training was money well spent, you’ll have all the evidence at your fingertips.

Learning resources for every area

It takes all sorts to make a successful firm, from the lawyers and accountants to the marketing teams, admin support and boffins in IT. That’s why we’ve catered for everyone. When you register with us, just tell us where you are in the firm, and what you do, and we’ll only target you with the content that’s most relevant to you. Of course, you’re free to browse everything else on the site, just in case you want to know what everyone else is getting up to.

Bespoke learning that is tailored to your needs

We offer bespoke online CPD training programmes that can be fully tailored for your entire firm. Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, or a member of the support team, all our programmes will evolve with you as you grow and move forward in your career. Perhaps you prefer written pieces; or maybe videos, podcasts or animations are more your thing – we have options to suit all learning styles.

Great content is fantastic – but on its own it’s not enough to create engagement and upskill your teams. That’s why, in addition to giving them unlimited access to our online platform, we will work closely with your firm to understand every individual’s learning requirements, styles and topics of importance.

Our Partnerships

XLNC is a leading global network of independent accounting, law and consulting firms

XLNC offers a global forum to develop mutually beneficial relationships amongst peers by supporting the members’ development, aiding smooth and consolidated growth, facilitating networking opportunities to exchange views, ideas and know-how, as well as the ability to benchmark and share business and experiences.

“This partnership with TPA will be instrumental in providing XLNC members with further tools to enhance the focus on the development of their internal resources and future leaders, enabling them to leverage a vast pool of valuable content on virtually any topics they might be interested in focusing on.”

The XLNC team



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What our customers are saying

Tim Dale

Director of Knowledge

Enabling our people is core to Pinsent Masons and developing digital skills is becoming increasingly important in a fast-changing sector. This will help us continue to deliver world class service to our clients. Giving our people on-demand access to a wide range of training opportunities also helps us upskill and retain our employees in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Pinsent Masons

Natalie Greenway

Associate Director – Talent Development

RSM chose to work The Professional Alternative to complement our own internal development resources. The strong focus on topical and forward looking topics, together with the easy to use platform, enables our leaders to continue to enhance their skills for now and the future.

RSM Logo

Jessa Butler

Head of Organisational Development

TPA is a user-friendly learning platform with an impressive array of content and subject matter. It provides us with a one stop shop for learning needs for staff at all levels in our organisation due to the variety of content, but also because we can host our own materials. It can be accessed from a mobile device as well as a pc. The TPA team are very helpful and always willing to listen and act upon our suggestions and comments.