Anti-Money Laundering

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Safeguard your firm’s integrity with our online anti-money laundering training

Completing anti-money laundering training is only half the story. The other – really vital – half is remembering what you’ve learned, and applying it every day to keep your firm, and yourself, safe. And that won’t happen if you’ve skimmed through dull compulsory training and switched off halfway through.

That’s where we come in. Our online anti-money laundering training is packed with vim, vigour and real-life examples to help everyone understand how it applies outside the training room. We even have a ‘related news’ section where you’ll find a stash of links to relevant cases that have hit the headlines.

Benefits of anti-money laundering training with The Professional Alternative

It’s comprehensive

Our eLearning modules will take you through the A-Z of AML. We are your life jacket, here to stop you drowning in the alphabet sea of COLPs, COFAs, PEPs, MLROs etc.

We also pride ourselves in reaching the parts that other online anti-money laundering training cannot reach. We appreciate that AML training doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so neither does our course. Instead, it is supplemented by wraparound content that will give you the tools and confidence you need to deal with fractious clients, handle difficult conversations, and keep on top of managing fully compliant teams.

It’s quick

If you think you don’t have time for anti-money laundering training, think again. Each of our online AML training modules takes less than 10 minutes to complete, so they will easily fit into any working day. And, like every single piece of our online training, they are fully compliant with the requirements of industry regulators such as the ICAEW, the ACCA and the SRA.

It will make your life easier

Each module has been designed to mesh seamlessly with the next. Why? Because that way, if you have to step away for any reason, you can pick up right where you left off, safe in the knowledge that behind the scenes the CPD fairies* are totting up your time, ready for your year-end report. Honestly, the only way we could make things any easier would be to give you all the answers to the assessments – which is the one thing we won’t be doing.

*we can neither confirm, nor deny, the existence of actual CPD fairies, but your year-end report is real

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What’s included in our online anti-money-laundering training

Content-wise, we like to think of our online anti-money laundering training as the eLearning equivalent of an opera. The opening modules, covering the definitions and an overview of the legislation and offences, are the overture.

As we get into the story, Act I explores the legal stuff, Act II dives into due diligence, before Act III sweeps in to close the show with a flurry of red flags and reporting pointers. And for those who want the Classic FM version, our AML refresher training provides a helpful reminder of the key points.

Each online anti-money laundering training module features regular learning checkpoints to embed the information, as well as a final assessment. Pass with flying colours and we’ll issue you with our unique, fully traceable training certificate.

Our online AML training at a glance:

  • introduction – what is AML and why does it matter?
  • key legislation and consequences for getting it wrong
  • getting to grips with due diligence and politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • the red flags that should make your Spidey senses tingle
  • who to report things to, plus what they’ll need to know

Get started with our online anti-money laundering training

Can’t wait to get stuck in? We’re tuning up the orchestra as we speak, ready to lift the curtain on the first act. Take your seats, and get started with our online anti-money laundering training today.

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