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Stay on the straight and narrow with our online anti-bribery training

Slip us £100 and we’ll tell everyone that you completed your online anti-bribery training and scored 100% in every assessment. Some bribes (like this one) are blindingly obvious, whereas others are trickier to spot. When does a financial incentive, or a gift, become a bribe? When is it OK to accept something, and when do you need to report, or refuse, it? Our anti-bribery training is here to guide you through the murky waters of gift giving and backhanders, so you will know precisely when, and where, to draw the line.

What to expect from our online anti-bribery training

The world of bribery may be complex, but our online anti-bribery training definitely isn’t. From legislation to whistleblowing – we’ve set it all out clearly, allowing you to hone in on specific areas. Each module takes just 10 minutes to complete, so you can easily slot it into any busy working day. Plus, all the content meets the requirements of the regulators, including the ICAEW, the ACCA and the SRA.

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Our anti-bribery training modules at a glance

The basics

The first modules will help you get to grips with the legislation that underpins everything. We’ll explore the reasons why seemingly innocent gifts and inducements can be dangerous, both on a personal level and for your firm.


Next, we delve into the world of hospitality. Those Centre Court tickets for the Wimbledon men’s singles finals that your stationery supplier has just offered you? They don’t look quite so innocuous once you realise that the firm’s lucrative stationery contract is currently up for renewal.

And if you think that bribery only happens at boardroom level, think again – our comprehensive online anti-bribery training will shine a light on the dark tactics used to ‘oil the wheels’. A Gucci handbag here; a restaurant voucher there – we’ll demonstrate how they can be used to help get the right piece of paper on the right desk at the right time.


Of course, nobody taking our online anti-bribery training would ever stoop to take a bribe; we don’t doubt you for a minute. But what steps should you take if you become suspicious of someone else in the workplace? Whistleblowing is the obvious course of action, but it takes confidence (and courage) to report your suspicions, especially if they involve a senior member of staff or a close colleague.

As well as exploring the technical aspect of the legislation that’s there to protect whistleblowers, we offer ‘wraparound’ content to support you, on topics like assertiveness and getting your voice heard.

International bribery

In our final online anti-bribery training module we go global, taking an in-depth look at international bribery. If you are working in a small practice that operates solely in the UK you may be wondering: “How is international bribery relevant to me?” But you need to ask yourself who you are working on behalf of? And what are they really up to?

The law is clear: we need to understand where our clients are getting their money from. Is that juicy new client who wants to sign a big contract totally above board, or has their wealth come from nefarious overseas sources? Whether it’s euros, dollars, yen, rubles, or rupees, we’ll help you navigate your way through international waters with ease.

Get started with our online anti-bribery training

Stay compliant and empower yourself to make ethical decisions, with anti-bribery training from The Professional Alternative. Part of our comprehensive suite of compliance training, our eLearning course provides everything you need to recognise and resist bribery and backhanders in the workplace.

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