Top Tips for Writing ChatGPT Queries

Nov 30, 2023 | Sample Content

  1. Be clear and specific Provide clear context and specific details about the topic or issue you want to discuss. Ambiguous or vague questions may lead to inaccurate or irrelevant responses.
  2. Use complete sentences Instead of using fragmented phrases or incomplete sentences, try to structure your questions in a complete sentence form. This helps ChatGPT better understand your intent and provide more accurate answers.
  3. Avoid complex or compound questions Asking multiple questions in a single query can confuse the model and make it difficult for it to provide a coherent response. Break down complex questions into simpler, more focused ones for better results.
  4. Ask for clarification if needed If you receive an answer that seems unclear or doesn’t fully address your query, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. This can help refine the response and provide a more satisfactory answer.
  5. Provide relevant context If your question involves specific information or background details, make sure to provide them to give ChatGPT a better understanding of the topic. This can result in more accurate and informative responses.
  6. Tell it how to structure the answer How would you like to see the results? Be sure to tell ChatGPT whether you would like a list of the top 5 answers or a more detailed response.
  7. Be aware of GDPR Platforms such as ChatGPT are basically public search engines, so do not enter confidential client details, for example: “Please generate a letter to Mr. Smith at Bloggs and Co to chase for payment on outstanding invoice ABC001 totaling £6,532” would be a breach of GDPR regulations. (For more information on GDPR, please see our eLearning modules here).

Remember, while these tips can help improve the quality of the responses you receive from your AI platform, the model’s responses are ultimately generated based on patterns it has learned from its training data and may not always be entirely accurate or reliable. For more detail, see our What is ChatGPT animation here.

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