Press Release – The Professional Alternative and RSGi Limited Enter Long-Term Strategic Content Partnership

Mar 9, 2023 | News

The Professional Alternative and RSGi are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic content partnership.

RSGi will create content and share market intelligence to support the growth of the Professional Alternative Platform.

RSGi Limited

RSGi Limited is a think-tank for the legal industry that focuses on resilience, sustainability, growth and innovation for law firms, in-house legal teams and law companies around the globe. With unique insights and frameworks built up over thirty years, the four founders (Reena SenGupta, Yasmin Lambert, Tom Saunders and Mary Ormerod) help the industry think more clearly about the future, charting and analysing evolutions in the business and practice of law.

The team runs training and development programmes, inspirational workshops and delivers strategic advice to leadership teams, extensive client listening and merger broking as well as stand-out content for partnership conferences and other events.

Managing Director, Reena SenGupta, has deep experience in assessing and rating legal teams and businesses globally, setting up the research methodology and running the Chambers & Partners Guides in the 1990s, founding the FT Innovative Lawyers programme in 2006 and the RSG India programme in 2008. She started RSG Consulting in 2001, a firm that focused on client relationship management, big research studies, and other major consulting assignments for twenty years.

The RSGi team have authored countless thought-leadership studies and are currently developing a ‘GreenPrint’ to guide law firms in becoming more sustainable. They continue as the research and content partner to the FT Innovative Lawyers programme globally, actively support the Digital Legal Exchange and curate the Innovative GC Club.

The Professional Alternative

The Professional Alternative is a subscription-based business acceleration platform launched by Derek Southall, Sarah Katherine Bagshaw and Steve Parrott – aimed at professional services firm leadership teams, offering business expertise, practical tools and best practice in the business of running a professional services firm.

Firms are under significant pressure to change how they deliver business support, to improve margins and to accelerate innovation – Covid-19 has increased the imperative to change. Simultaneously they face unprecedented technological change and a tsunami of new solutions. The Professional Alternative provides law firm leaders with a central, trusted, curated, information resource and support platform that will help them to get things done – faster, cheaper and to the
highest standard.

Subscribers will have access to a huge array of applications and resources, customised to their needs, including the latest thought leadership, peer content, market overviews and best-practice guides. Information will be delivered when, where and how users demand, across a variety of media. The platform has already secured two rounds of investment.

We are excited to be part of a venture with so much potential. It is an idea, which fulfils a pressing need for accessible, standardised information and expertise on how to run a professional services business. It is amazing that no one has thought of it before. It will democratise innovation and drive up standards across the board” said Reena Sengupta, Managing Director, RSGi.


The team at RSGi are at the top of their game and have a phenomenal depth of knowledge and insight in relation to innovation and strategic leadership in the legal market. They have produced some of the best work in this sector and have years of experience. We are honoured to be collaborating with them.” said Derek Southall, Co-founder of The Professional Alternative Group.

Notes to Editors: To arrange an interview with Derek Southall, Steve Parrott or Sarah Katherine (SK) Bagshaw or Reena SenGupta, please contact Sharon Lygo at [email protected].

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