Online CPD for lawyers: professional learning made fun

Law firms are unique places, and unless you’ve worked in one you won’t truly understand how they operate. Luckily, our team has more than 30 years’ experience within the legal sector (although we like to think we’ve aged well). The legal profession isn’t exactly known for its laugh-a-minute culture, which is why we think it’s important to make every moment of our training as fun as possible. Our online CPD for lawyers is chock full of important content to tick all the right boxes for your training – but we’ve managed to sneak in a little levity at every opportunity.

Compliance training for lawyers

Compliance training is a requirement that no one can escape (many have tried!). Fully CPD-compliant, our online risk and compliance training has been written by industry experts. Naturally, it covers everything your firm needs to know to stay safe and within the regulations. So far, so normal, right? However, we go one step further: we’ve made our risk and compliance training fun and enjoyable; it’s something people look forward to doing, rather than putting off.

Personal development training for lawyers

Research has repeatedly shown that employees value firms that invest in their personal development. And while some online CPD for lawyers has a reputation for being dull and boring, our personal development courses are a positive perk of the job.

We don’t just fix weaknesses (although we do that as well); we do so much more. We harness your superpowers, helping you build on your existing skills and strengths to make your teams the very best that they can be.

Fully verifiable for CPD

All our online CPD for lawyers is fully compliant with the requirements of the SRA. That said, although we tick all the CPD boxes with plenty of weighty topics, our online training is packed with content that will ensure you have plenty of laughs as you smash your CPD targets.

But the good news doesn’t end there. Because everything you do on our site is totally trackable, there’s no need to dread putting together your annual CPD report. Simply download your report at the end of the year and send it off.

Learning that’s designed and approved by lawyers

What makes our content so special is that every piece has been created by experts in their field. That means all our online CPD for lawyers has been created by people who completely understand the legal profession. We know precisely what the SRA expects when it comes to CPD for lawyers – what topics need to be included, what formats work best, and how they like your CPD log to be presented at the end of the year.

We also understand how the partnership structure can have a subtle and nuanced impact on areas like leadership skills, management development and business growth. That’s why our online CPD for lawyers has been tailored to your specific needs.

Our list of contributors reads like a Who’s Who of lawyers and legal specialists. We draw expertise from a variety of sources – from multinationals to the high street, as well as firms who are breaking the mould and are excited to share their journey with the rest of us.

How it works

Our online learning site is designed to work around you, to make your CPD journey uniquely yours. Think of it like a trip to your local supermarket: you can pop in and browse the shelves to see what we have on offer, or you can come in with a shopping list and track down the precise things you need.

We can even provide ‘CPD in a box’. Simply tell us what you like, and how you prefer to learn, and each month we’ll deliver curated content to your inbox for you to work through. A bit like HelloFresh, catered to your personal CPD needs.

Book a demo

Obviously, we’re going to tell you all sorts of fabulous things about our online CPD for lawyers on this page – the marketing people said we had to – but we truly believe we offer something unique that will transform CPD training from a chore into a pleasure. If you think it all sounds too good to be true, contact us today and we’ll arrange a personal guided tour of the site so you can see for yourself.