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Turn ‘meh’ into marvellous, with online performance management training from The Professional Alternative

When you first make the leap to management it can feel like life is all about the two Ps – nope, not pay rises and politics but people and performance. Managing how well every member of your team meets the expectations of their role and helping them fulfil their potential is a critical skill. However it is not an innate one.

Effective performance managers are like the best doctors: they recognise that underperforming is merely a symptom and will use all of their diagnostic tools to discover and remedy the underlying problem. Our online performance management training will give you those tools – with no need to spend seven years at med school. In fact, if you’ve got time for a cuppa, you’ve got time for our eLearning. Each module takes around 10 minutes to complete; and if you’re needed back at your desk and have to step away, your place will be bookmarked for next time.

Online performance management training… without the performance

In Hollywood, the juiciest roles often go to the villains; but off-screen nobody wants to be cast as the bad guy. That’s why our training focuses on effective ways to work with those who might be struggling, as well as the importance of rewarding those going above and beyond.

Sure, you could read a bunch of performance management guides – there’s certainly no shortage of them. But if time is tight and you need something totally tailored to law or accountancy, here’s a better option. We’ve taken the very latest thinking and evidence-based research, viewed it through the prism of professional services, and created online performance management training that is precisely what you need to know, to get the best from the people you manage.

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Why choose online performance management training from The Professional Alternative?

We could tell you about the industry experts who have put together our eLearning courses. We could tell you about all the positive feedback we receive from businesses like yours that have completed our online performance management training. We could even share how we’ve combined the best features of interactive, in-person training with the convenience of an online course you can do anywhere, on any device, at any time. But the bottom line is, our training will make you a better performance manager – one who can turn ‘meh’ into marvellous, and good into great.

What will you learn?

Our core online performance management training module covers areas such as:

  • the ‘why’ of underperformance
  • asking open-ended questions
  • measuring the right things and the tools that will help
  • getting your team involved
  • delivering improvement feedback
  • when to use informal contracts – and what they entail

Case studies give real-world examples, while our unique ‘personal reflection pitstops’ offer opportunities to absorb the information before the short assessment tests your knowledge.

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Getting a deeper understanding

As part of our holistic approach, we also offer additional management modules that combine perfectly with our online performance management training.

  • In Becoming a coaching manager you’ll learn how to tap into this powerful technique and help every team member fulfil their potential
  • Dealing with difficult people walks you through ways to avoid conflict and how to handle it when it arises
  • Delivering appraisals and 121s will enable you to turn the ‘dreaded’ performance reviews into a positive experience
  • Motivation and reward takes a closer look at using the carrot rather than the stick to boost performance

Sounds great: sign me up

Take your first step towards mastering performance management: contact us today to start your training.

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