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Master the ultimate management skill with online delegation training from The Professional Alternative

What could you do with an extra seven hours? If you take our training, you’ll soon find out. For every one-hour monthly task you currently do, that’s 12 hours of your time over the course of a year you could save by delegating the task – even including the time it takes to show someone else how to do it. And the more tasks you delegate, the more you save. Which makes the 10 minutes it takes to complete our online delegation training time very well spent. Invest 10 minutes to save an hour? You don’t need Countdown’s Rachel Riley to do the maths.

Delegation is the key skill any manager needs to get the most from their team, which is why it has pride of place in our online management training suite. Our online delegation training is for anyone who has ever thought: “But it’s quicker to do it myself.” It’s for anyone who’s struggling with their own growing workload and has noticed a lack of motivation within their team – and suspects there might be a link between the two. It’s for any manager, in fact, who doesn’t have enough hours in the day.

We’ll show you how to delegate effectively. We’ll pinpoint the pitfalls to make them easy to avoid. And we’ll teach you how to match up the tasks and people – a bit like Tinder, only with a far better success rate.

Online delegation training with guaranteed results

Like every module within our eLearning academy, online delegation training from The Professional Alternative is the result of years of hands-on experience. That’s why you won’t find theory that doesn’t translate into practice. It works – plain and simple.

Whatever your management style – from the control freak who finds it hard to let go (you know who you are) to the manager so snowed under that they regularly offload tasks last minute – our training can help you. There is a better, more effective way, and we will guide you through the steps needed to master it.

Complete the module and not only will you become a pro at delegating, you’ll also have notched up some CPD time. So it’s a win-win.

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Only choose our online delegation training if…

  • you want your team to be happy, motivated and productive. Everyone is more fulfilled at work when they are learning new skills, are trusted to take on new responsibilities and are working towards meaningful goals for themselves and the business
  • you want to deliver a better service to your clients. They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time… And that’s doubly true if you are spreading yourself too thinly, with tasks that could better be done by someone else, leaving little time to focus on the things only you can do
  • you want to develop new, more creative ways of doing things. Doing things ‘your way’ might not always be the most effective approach. Fresh thinking can revolutionise even the most commonplace processes and procedures, and our delegation eLearning gives you the confidence to access it

What’s included

With online delegation training from The Professional Alternative you get:

  • an overview of what effective delegation looks like (and how this differs from offloading)
  • solutions for those who find it hard to let go
  • a rolling case study to illustrate the issues that delegation can raise
  • essential tips and techniques, including using a skills matrix and the extend-a-lead approach
  • an understanding of the dangers of always relying on ‘a safe pair of hands’
  • an assessment to test your progress
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Try it for yourself: get started today

Ramp up your delegation skills with online delegation training from The Professional Alternative. Contact us today to find out more.

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