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Online whistleblowing training from The Professional Alternative: Helping you navigate the rights (and wrongs) of disclosure

Not simply the preserve of football refs, 1990s ravers and railway station guards, whistleblowing is an important way of ensuring that organisations or individuals who are acting illegally or unethically are held accountable for their actions. Understanding what it means, and the legal protections offered to those who do it is vital. After all, if you suspect that something is wrong, you have a moral duty to speak up, and a legal right to do so without facing repercussions and reprisals.

For professional services firms, this can be an ethical minefield. Luckily, online whistleblowing training from The Professional Alternative will help you navigate it safely, disarming potential problems before they blow up in your face. Created specifically for law firms and accountancy practices, our eLearning course cuts to the chase, providing the essential information in a format that is lively, engaging and (best of all) won’t take up too much of your time.

3 ways our online whistleblowing training will benefit your business

1. It will help you create a culture of trust

With our whistleblowing eLearning, everyone in your organisation will understand their rights under the Public Information Disclosure Act (PIDA). After completing the three short modules – suited to all levels of experience – they will know when and how to blow the whistle, and feel reassured that your firm will support them if they do.

2. It will safeguard your reputation

With a few notable exceptions (a fine French cheese on a hot day, for instance) nothing goes from good to bad as fast as the reputation of a business that fails to act on serious wrongdoing. Or, worse still, ignores the concerns and victimises those raising them. Our online whistleblowing training can help ensure that you maintain your brand identity as an ethical organisation.

3. It will enable you to tackle problems faster, minimising any damage

By offering the very best training around whistleblowing, you are demonstrating a commitment to upholding standards and preserving integrity. Our eLearning course gives your teams the knowledge and confidence to report any suspicions, making them more likely to do so internally, and sooner rather than later.

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What gives our online whistleblowing training the edge?

How often have you sat through a training course, only to think afterwards: ‘They could have covered that in a fraction of the time’? We agree, which is why compliance eLearning from The Professional Alternative is short and to the point. There’s no wading through extraneous material, just the knowledge you actually need, delivered in an interesting and effective way. Whizz through all three whistleblower modules on your morning commute or in a lunch break – you’ll have plenty of time to spare for a sandwich. Or spread them out. Either way, we guarantee it won’t feel like a chore. And you can be confident that your learning meets with the approval of your regulator, whether that’s the SRA, ACCA, ICAEW or the FCA.

A rundown of what you can expect from the course

With online whistleblowing training from The Professional Alternative you get:

  • an understanding of what qualifies as whistleblowing and the types of wrongdoing it aims to tackle
  • knowledge of the legal protections offered to whistleblowers, including who is, and isn’t, covered
  • an examination of the ‘public interest’ criteria
  • details of how to make a disclosure – and who to
  • the obligations of employers once someone has blown the whistle
  • the role of NDAs

Case study animations demonstrate how the principles work in practice, and each module includes an assessment to help check the learner’s progress.

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Talk to us about our online whistleblowing training

Protect your people, stay compliant and enhance your reputation as an ethical business with online whistleblowing training from The Professional Alternative.

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