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Online GRC training: An A-Z of risk and compliance

“Today’s letter is the letter A. A is for Audit, AML and Anti-Bribery.” Yes, we’ve taken a leaf out of Big Bird’s book for our online general risk and compliance (GRC) training, and created our very own A to Z of risk and compliance. It’s a lot like Sesame Street – only with fewer muppets and no catchy tunes, not even an auditing song.

In our quest to create the ultimate, alphabetised online GRC training resource we have left no stone unturned. Not only is all of our content bang up-to-date, relevant and specific to those working in law and accountancy, it’s also informed by the top talent in the arena. Fully compliant with all the requirements of the regulators, including the ICAEW, the ACCA and the SRA, it’s crammed with practical advice and real-life examples to demonstrate how things work offline, too.

What to expect from our online GRC training

Few would dispute that risk and compliance training is a need rather than a want, but no one said it has to be boring. We’ve packed our online GRC training with humour and entertainment, so you’ll laugh as you learn (we find it works better that way). We offer pragmatic advice that brings the content to life, embedding it into everyday processes to keep you, and your firm, safe.

From Beneficial Owners to Whistleblowing, Ethics to Undertakings, our A-Z spans the entire length and breadth of risk and compliance. Each subtopic is linked to more in-depth content on our site, so you can lose yourself down an R&C rabbithole if you so desire. Alternatively, just dip in for a quick overview. How you use the content is entirely up to you.

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Training to unlock your superpowers

Online GRC training has the potential to turn each and every one of us into a superhero. Rather than viewing it as something we have to do because the regulator says so, we should recognise it as our chance to prevent crime and protect the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods.

Money laundering to support international terrorism, modern slavery and numerous other serious crimes – they are all happening in towns and cities across the UK, right now. Online GRC training gives us the superpowers to defeat them. If you choose to wear your underpants over your trousers and paint a big ‘S’ on your shirt while you learn, then that’s your call.

We’ve sat where you’re sitting, so we fully understand the challenge of embedding a proactive risk and compliance culture in your firm. Which is why we pooled our collective experience to create online GRC training that can genuinely help. We’re not here to give you anything you don’t need; we’re here to share invaluable knowledge and expertise, and to do so in a way that will work best for you.

Get started with our online GRC training

Dig out your superhero cape. Our online GRC training will help you thwart money laundering, slam the brakes on dodgy deals, and clamp down on modern slavery. So what are you waiting for?

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