Anti-Facilitating Tax Evasion Training

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Online anti-facilitating tax evasion training: the ultimate safety net for your firm

Benjamin Franklin had it right: death and taxes are the two certainties in this world. But that doesn’t stop people trying to avoid them. And although success with the former might just win you a Nobel Prize, being caught trying to weasel out of paying the latter is likely to land you in very hot water. Meanwhile, under legislation introduced in 2017, failing to prevent an employee or associate of your firm from helping someone else do so could result in a huge fine.

The Professional Alternative’s online anti-facilitating tax evasion training is the ultimate safety net for any organisation walking the tightrope between acting in the best interests of their clients and meeting their regulatory and legal obligations. Complete the three short modules and you will know your way around the Criminal Finances Act 2017, who it applies to, what the offences are and the steps you can take to ensure your business is never charged with them. Little wonder it is among our most popular eLearning courses.

How our online anti-facilitating tax evasion course will help protect your firm

Ignorance may be bliss, but under the Act it is no defence. Knowledge is the best way to keep your business safe from prosecution, and while we can’t guarantee you a place on Mastermind, by the end of the course, anti-facilitating tax evasion will be among your team’s specialist subjects.

Each of our online anti-facilitating tax evasion training modules has been carefully designed to make the information stick, so it’s there when you need it – whether that’s days, months or even years later. We’ve done our research and we know that accessible, engaging content is the most memorable. That’s why we not only give you the salient facts, but present them via lively graphics, animated case studies and interactive memory checks.

Complete all three modules and you will have everything you need to keep your regulator happy, whether that’s the FCA, the SRA, the ACCA or the ICAEW. You’ll also have a unique personalised certificate.

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From risk to reporting: what’s covered by our online anti-facilitating tax evasion training

Written by experts, regularly reviewed and updated as needed, our e-Learning isn’t just something to tick off your compliance to-do list. The online anti-facilitating tax evasion training course will give you a proper understanding of the relevant parts of the Criminal Finances Act, and your obligations as a legal professional or accountant. Content includes:

  • an introduction to the corporate offences and the two defences under the Act
  • explanations of the key terms, along with examples
  • the importance of facilitation prevention processes and procedures, and what these might include
  • an overview of government guidance on what constitutes ‘reasonable prevention measures’
  • a breakdown of the different types of tax evasion covered
  • a guide to red flags and possible scenarios that should trigger alarm bells

And for those who just need a quick reminder…

In addition to the full online anti-facilitating tax evasion training course, we also offer a 10-minute refresher. Sure, you know all about the Criminal Finances Act – you did the training back in 2018 and could spot a tax evasion red flag in your sleep. But could you actually? And would you really want to bet an unlimited sum and stake the reputation of your firm on it. Nope? Then this course is exactly what you need to ensure the odds are stacked in your favour.

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Wondering what to do next?

Why gamble with your training needs when the smart money’s on The Professional Alternative. Talk to us today about our online anti-facilitating tax evasion training course.

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