Compliance Elearning


Compliance elearning: compliance training people actually look forward to

Compulsory compliance eLearning is a bit like your mum making you eat broccoli: you know it’s good for you, you know you should do it, but the fact that you have to do it makes you hate it on principle.

Risk and compliance training doesn’t just keep your firm safe, it keeps your neighbourhood safe. We all have an obligation to learn – and understand – the steps we are required to take. But doing so doesn’t have to be boring! At The Professional Alternative we offer compliance training you’ll make time for (because it’s too good to miss).

Not only is all of our compliance eLearning fully verifiable for CPD and approved by the ICAEW, ACCA & SRA, we’ve also broken it up into short modules and even sprinkled in a bit of humour. Think of it like chopping up your broccoli and hiding it in your mash to make it infinitely more palatable.


When does an incentive become a bribe? And what should you do if you spot something untoward happening in your firm? We give you the inside track on dodgy deals and backhanders.

Anti-money laundering

We take you through all the AML checks you need to conduct with new clients, and give you the tools to help you respond when they ask why you are doing it.

Anti-facilitating tax evasion

High-profile tax evasion cases are headline news. We’ll keep you out of the spotlight and on the straight and narrow by teaching you how to recognise the telltale signs of tax evasion.

Confidentiality and legal professional privilege

It’s no secret that there are lots of rules governing what you can and can’t say about your clients. Luckily, none of them stop us telling you that we cover everything you need to know about confidentiality and LPP in a single eLearning module.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, whatever their background or personal preferences. Our compliance eLearning course guides you through the relevant legislation, and outlines ways you can be more inclusive in the workplace.

International data transfers and data protection

This reaches the parts that standard GDPR modules fail to reach and is perfect for those firms trading internationally.

Modern slavery & human trafficking

Not just something that happens ‘elsewhere’, modern slavery is on the rise – and it’s closer than you think. This compliance eLearning course arms you with the knowledge that will ensure you never become unwittingly involved.

Politically exposed persons (PEPs)

”Do you know who I am?” Well, do you? Really? Verifying the identity and position of your client is a key part of due diligence, and could impact whether and how you work together. From princes to prime ministers, we walk you through the process.

Practical cyber security awareness

Some compliance eLearning courses are for life, not just for the workplace. By helping you spot the scams and not fall for the phishers, this will keep you safe (and allow your head of IT to sleep a little easier at night).

Sources of wealth and sources of funds

Dirty money contaminates everyone – and every firm – it touches. A vital part of anti-money laundering, our eLearning course teaches you the questions to ask, and the answers you need to hear.

SRA accounts rules

From maintaining detailed records to paying interest, there are strict rules governing what you can and can’t do when handling client money. We’ve condensed everything you need into this essential eLearning module.


Delivers the knowhow necessary to keep you compliant with the data protection regulation, to reassure your clients and, most importantly, to ensure all your data remains safe and secure.

Unconscious bias

Few people set out to discriminate; but how many of us are fully aware of the ways in which our actions can impact others? Diverse teams consistently outperform homogenous ones, and with our help you can blast away barriers to create an environment that works for everyone.


If something’s not right, someone needs to say something. Whistleblowing legislation underpins all our risk and compliance eLearning, and here we cover every aspect – from how to raise concerns, to the ways in which the law protects those who do.