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Avoid digital threats with our online cyber security training

We hate to be the ones to disappoint you, but you didn’t just win a £250 Amazon voucher, a brand-new air fryer, or a weekend in the Maldives. Some scams are easier to spot than others, making cyber security skills a must-have for anyone, anywhere, who uses an electronic device.

Luckily, our online cyber security training makes acquiring them a breeze. It slices neatly through all the technical jargon to explain what the threats are, and how to avoid falling victim to scammers and con artists.

What’s more, all our online cyber security training is approved by industry regulators including the ICAEW, the ACCA and the SRA. So you’ll always be sure that your training meets their exacting standards and is bang up-to-date.

The benefits of cyber security training with The Professional Alternative

Our online cyber security training will guide you through everything you need to know – from what to watch out for to how best to report it. But why choose our training over that of another provider? Here are three reasons:

It’s built on expert insights.

When it comes to cyber security training, you want to hear from people who really know their stuff. So we’ve worked with tech directors who have navigated their firms through the very worst the cyber world has to throw at them, and distilled all their experience into straightforward lessons we can all learn from.

It’s in-depth.

There’s a whole lot more to cyber security than avoiding clicking on dodgy links. We dive deep to give you a thorough insight into the complex landscape of digital crime, as well as the cutting-edge strategies used to combat them. You may not have to worry about a team of international criminals abseiling down the air vents of your ludicrously flash skyscraper offices at sunset… but for every credible threat, we’ll give you a foolproof plan to identify and prevent it.

It’s interactive.

Our online cyber security training includes lots of links for people to click on. Ironic, yes? But it’s all part of creating a safe environment in which interaction is key to learning and remembering. Those links will take you to interactive quizzes, entertaining animations and opportunities to hone your knowledge even further (rather than money-syphoning pages on the dark web).

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What to expect from our cyber security training content

Fun and engaging content is the most memorable. Which is why our online cyber security training features plenty of it, with videos, animations and quizzes to keep those essential skills at the forefront of your mind.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be an expert on, once you’ve completed our eLearning modules:

  • Social engineering: The psychological tricks that are used to lure you into handing over information you wouldn’t normally part with.
  • Insider threats: Key things to watch for if you have suspicions about work colleagues and/or contractors.
  • Keeping your devices safe: Maintaining the physical security of your cyber hardware.
  • Plan B: What to do if the worst does happen and an individual* (*please feel free to insert stronger noun here) clicks on something they shouldn’t.

Get started with our online cyber security training

This webpage will self-destruct in five seconds…4…3…2… Tackling the sophisticated and ever-changing challenges of the cyber world does not have to be a Mission Impossible – nor do you have to be Tom Cruise. But arming yourself with knowledge is vital and it’s time to take the first step.

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